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"Die schönsten Erinnerungen, sind kleine Andenken, an ganz besondere Momente"

Im Leben ist vieles Ersetzbar… nicht vergleichbar mit solchen Momenten! Erinnerungen in Form von Fotografieren sind einzigartig, man könnte behaupten, ein wertvoller Schatz der unersetzbar ist.

Deine persönliche « Rückfahrtkarte in die Vergangenheit»

Gerne halte ich für dich/euch die wertvollen, kurzen Momente mit meiner Kamera fest.

Melde dich einfach bei mir!




Porträt-& Bewerbungsfoto

Porträt-& Bewerbungsfoto

Über mich

Hello dears, nice that you are here. I'm sara …

… and photography is my passion. It is my two children who inspired me to turn my hobby into a profession. Excursions and trips to warm countries, with my family and children, enrich my life. Sometimes my kids can keep me pretty busy. To compensate, I do yoga or spend a lot of time in my photo studio, which I love to remodel and redecorate. My fellow human beings value me for my uncomplicated, flexible and relaxed manner. This is also well received during the photo shoots.

my mission

Moments that are fleeting and will never happen again in the same way remain unforgotten through photos. Enjoy the moment and I’ll capture it for you and your baby. I make the love between you physically tangible by delivering it to you digitally and also as photographic prints. Even when moments pass, images remain. That’s why I started taking photos.

My goal is to give you a unique experience and pictures full of emotions. It is therefore very important to me that when taking photos, the children show their true selves and that the pictures are as natural as possible and not posed. That’s why I hold back when editing the pictures and only edit the light, color, contrast and do a slight retouching.


In 2017 I completed my training as a qualified dental hygienist in Zurich and pursued photography alongside my work. In the beginning I mainly took photos of my first child, now I’m working independently in my dream job. In 2021 I attended further training in newborn photography in St.Gallen, which enabled me to expand my specialist knowledge of the special handling and safety of newborns

I look forward to sharing unique moments with you and capturing them for eternity.

With love Sara